Hannemann Scholarship Winners Announced

Southern Maine Community College has announced the 2013 winners of the Hannemann Scholarship Fund for Radiation Therapy. This fund was first started by Jake and Judith Hanneman to support the establishment of a radiation therapy associate degree program at SMCC.  

The Hannemann Scholarship Fund is supported by an annual contribution of $5,000 from Maine Cancer Foundation in recognition of the need for accessible, affordable oncology training. 

This year's scholarship recipients include: Emily Davis of Hanover, Betsy Weymouth of Buxton, Mark Mehuren of Glenburn, Alicia Gidney Wilson of Albion, and Felicia Sawyer of Windham.

"I wanted to thank you for the scholarship I received. It really is a big help to get a little extra cash while in college. I am in the radiation therapy program and it is helpful to have extra money for traveling to different clinical sites and other expenses. My education is important to me and it is nice to know that other people also care about helping students gain an education." 

Emily Davis
Hanover MainE




"Thank you very much for providing a scholarship to ease the financial constraints of my education. I am in the two-year Radiation Therapy program at Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine, currently in the second year. I am very much looking forward to graduation in 2013!

A little bit about me: My name is Betsy; I live in Buxton, Maine and am 39 years old. I decided about five years ago that I wanted to pursue my education, having delayed for one reason or another over the years. I finally decided ‘time is marching,’ and I would be 40, with or without that degree. When my 17 year old niece found out I would be graduating college the same time she graduates  high school, the first thing she said was “Auntie Bets, we can have our graduation party together!!” I could not love her more than right that second…. And, hearing her say that just reinforced how much I want to complete my degree, if only not to let her down. I want her to strive to be the best, and since I am frequently reminded by her mom that I am the person she looks to as an example, I want to be the best example I can. Of course, when she is 18, Auntie Betsy may not be cool enough for a double graduation party anymore, but more important to me, I will have shown her that even being a little older student; goals in life are still important and achievable.

 I chose Radiation Therapy after having several close friends with different cancers tell me about their treatment and the people they worked with. All had very obvious respect and genuine like of their therapists, and all were amazed every day when they went in for their treatments that the crew, other patients, and the atmosphere were all so cheery. Cheery, Cheerful, Happy, Laughter: all words that were used to describe the treatment waiting time, the treatment staff, the whole experience. Not that these same people were not overwhelmed or frightened, but that the environment they experienced everyday helped them to realize that yes, they could be cured. Or, in one case, not cured, but still able to live life and enjoy. That’s the biggest reason I chose this as my mid-life career change, I can make a positive impact on lives every day. I can help them to be less afraid, more comfortable, and they will have a positive experience.

I am hoping to continue my education to another degree in social work, so I can work with patients and their families to help the whole family unit, not just one person. I think that is little way off in my future, but I still feel strongly that I would enjoy that aspect the most.

Thank you again for the scholarship, the opportunity that the scholarship is providing to me is invaluable."

Betsy Weymouth
Buxton Maine




"It is with extreme gratitude that I write this letter of thanks to you. My name is Mark Mehuren. I am the proud recipient of the Hannemann Scholarship. I am in my final year of a rewarding program in Radiation Therapy.

Outside of my academic requirements, I am a proud member of the Air National Guard, where I work part time. The military has trained me to live by three core values, excellence in all we do, integrity, and service before self. These values I try to incorporate in everyday life and school.  After graduation in 2013, I am looking forward to joining the working force as a full time Radiation Therapist.

Coming from the small town of Glenburn, Maine, it was instilled into me by my parents, both of whom are struggling entrepreneurs, to continue my education and to make a difference. Thanks to your confidence in me and your generous donation, you reaffirm that I can make a difference by helping me to finish my education and succeed in school, so I can help in the fight against cancer that so many are affected by.

Throughout my academic career at SMCC, I have aimed for excellence. Every semester I challenge myself to maintain a GPA reflecting excellence. Receiving this scholarship will make that goal much easier to obtain. Your generosity is appreciated and accepted with extreme honor. I once again thank you sincerely for believing in me."

Mark Mehuren
Glenburn, Maine




"I want to say thank you so very much for considering me for the Hannemann Scholarship. I am a commuting student who lives about an hour and a half away from the school. I work part time and recently got married and acquired two step children, so affording school is definitely a challenge. Getting any assistance can be difficult, so I feel it is a great honor to have been chosen to receive one of the Hannemann Scholarships. SMCC is a great school and all of the faculty and staff are excellent at assisting students as much as they do."

Alicia Gidney Wilson
Albion, Maine




"Thank you for this scholarship. It means a lot to me. It has helped me get through this semester easier. This program is going to help better my life, and I will have a job that I love. The picture is of my grandfather and me, he passed away right before I started the program. I am succeeding in this program because of him."

Felicia Sawyer
Windham, Maine



Dr. Hanneman is a retired radiation oncologist and serves on the SMCC radiation therapy advisory board as well as serving for over 20 years on the MCF board of directors. Due to his generosity in establishing the fund, each year radiation therapy students are awarded scholarships to support their tuition. 

For more information about this scholarship or other Maine Cancer Foundation programs, please contact us.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013