Running Guide

The Tri for a Cure Running Course
Download a printable version of the running map (PDF)

Note: ipods and other personal music devices are not allowed on the course. You will be disqualified!
The 3 mile run is a primarily flat loop course utilizing both roads and paved pathways. The course will be clearly marked with signs and monitored closely by volunteers.

Turn-by-Turn Directions

  1. From the starting gate, turn left to McKernan Drive
  2. Turn right to Fort Road
  3. Turn left to Osprey
  4. Follow Osprey – bear left to Slocum (not up hill)
  5. Quickly bear right to Adams – when you reach the parking lot take a left up Adams.
  6. At the top of Adams cross the street take right and run on left side of Benjamin Pickett
  7. Cross Broadway and turn left on Broadway you will run on the sidewalk on the right hand side of Broadway
  8. Turn right on Preble Ext.
  9. Turn right on Greenbelt
  10. Cross to left side of Madison
  11. Follow Madison to the end of the parking lot staying on the left side of parking lot
  12. Turn Right to Bug Light Park trail
  13. Follow Bug Light Park trail all the way around to the exit
  14. Follow to Madison running on left side of street
  15. Take Left to Breakwater
  16. Cross Broadway to Benjamin Pickett
  17. Take a left to Adams
  18. Follow Adams to water and take right into Parking Lot F (Osprey)
  19. Take right through Lighthouse Circle
  20. Take a left to Bunker Lane
  21. Follow to path left around the Electronics Building
  22. Follow pathway until you reach SMCC Cafeteria
  23. Take right through lot EE
  24. Take another right to Shoreway Lane
  25. FINISH!

Water Stations

Water and Gatorade (electrolyte replacement drink) will be available at a station near Transition on Bunker Road and near Mile 1 and Mile 2 on the run course. 
There is only one traffic intersection crossing Broadway & Benjamin Pickett. Although this intersection will be monitored by Police, please use caution when crossing.
Attached to the finish structure this year will be a coral for athletes to catch their breath, return timing chips, receive their medals, a water bottle and to receive immediate medical attention (if necessary) before reconnecting with friends, family and spectators. Spectators will have great views of the finish!
Note: A fee of $100 will be charged to athletes who lose or fail to return their timing chip**

Race Number Display

The race number must be displayed on the front at all times during the run portion of the race. This is primarily for safety, but also makes it easier for the Announcer and photographers to recognize athletes crossing the Finish Line.


Athletes planning to wear layers should keep in mind that the race number needs to be visible at all times. Do not pin the number to a layer that may be removed. If the race number is left along the course or in Transition, the athlete will need to go back and get it BEFORE finishing the race. No Ipods are allowed on the run course, you will be disqualified!
Note: A race belt makes it easy to clip the race number on and off easily. There will be race belts sold at the Expo.

Running Clinics

There are a number of running clinics and warm-up races available between now and the Tri for a Cure.